Justin & Erica Got Hitched...

ENG003 Justin & Erica-2-17.jpg

It's always a blessing to be part of an event as special as the wedding of two people who love and adore each other. Photographing Justin and Erica's wedding was just that... a blessing. The love they have for each other is evident. They are the real deal... they love, they get mad, they make up, and they love again. I've been honored to get to know them over the last 5 years as the photographer for their band, their engagement, and now their wedding. God bless you and your sweet kids!! Here's to many more wonderful years together...

No that's not a run-away bride... that's just Erica as the sprinklers unexpectedly came on during the wedding rehearsal the evening before. I love that Erica can keep such a great attitude even when faced with a face full of water! THE POOR KIDS... don't worry, they managed to survive.

The ceremony was so lovely and as expected, full of laughable moments.

Justin and Erica had a lovely backyard wedding just before sunset... that actually began RIGHT before sunset. The original plan included lots of outdoor lighting that would beautifully light the area after the ceremony. We actually ended up with only one string of lights.

Immediately after the ceremony, we began group photos... but the sun was completely gone by then... we had inadequate outside lighting and my lights failed to flash due to the humidity!

Here's what wedding photography looks like without light!

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 12.26.24 AM.png

Friends actually gathered around us and used their cell phones to give as much light as possible for the group photos! With their help and my failing modeling light, we managed to put enough light on the scene to capture the group photos. Thanks everyone! 

To see more photos from the ceremony, group shots, and reception, click the photo gallery link below!